Strategy is about winning

MindSpring is a management consulting company, founded in 2005, it has accomplished more than 50 consulting projects with various Russian and International companies in the consumer goods, telecommunication and Russian online sectors (both b2b and b2c). Originally specializing in the management consulting in the field of sales and marketing strategies, now we are offering much wilder services, including Russian market overall recommendations and strategies; marketing and distribution strategy development; internal audit; networking management; Russian and Ukrainian markets entrance strategies; and many more.

In MindSpring we are consultants but we are not. All members of our team have majority of the experience in the real business, in blue chips international companies, including Gillette, L’Oreal, Danone, Bacardi-Martini, IBM, Mars, Wrigley. Thus we perfectly understand and feel the Russian and Ukrainian markets; we know what works and what will never work on this marketplace.

In MindSpring we are very practical. We never propose anything which cannot be implemented. We offer as well the project management solutions in order to transform your ideas to the reality.

Our Mission is to provide strategic intelligence and high value decision support services to help companies make critical decisions with greater: Accuracy, Speed and Insight.

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